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Cotizar y Comprar Interface Mater Modelo 122 Cotizar y Comprar Interface Mater Modelo 122

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Interface Mater Modelo 122 • Now with integral stainless steel probe shroud • Enhanced electronics for superior performance • Intrinsically safe for use in explosive environments • Sensor accuracy to 1/200 ft. (1.0 mm) • A lower price too! The Model 122 Interface Probe from Solinst is only 5/8"(16mm) in diameter. It can be used within narrow drive-in equipment and in 1" (25mm) wells. It accurately measures the depth and thickness of non-aqueous product layers (DNAPL & LNAPL) in monitoring wells and tanks. It is easy-to-use, sturdy and inexpensive to repair. Batteries give 120 hours of use. Probe has an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes. Easy access battery drawers simplify battery replacement. Lengths from 50 - 1500 ft. (15m - 450m). If a bigger dia. probe is preferable for deeper applications Solinst also has a 1.5" dia. model. The non-stretch tape uses 7 strands of stainless steel in each side of the dog bone design, and is easily repaired. Permanent heat embossed markings are very accurate and traceable to national standards. The redesigned reel gives improved ergonomics and better stability.
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