Discrete Interval Sampler

Discrete Interval Sampler

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Discrete Interval Sampler Discrete interval sampling can be used to profile an open borehole or screened well, to collect samples from distinct levels or points of inflow, to obtain representative water samples from below floating product layers (LNAPL), and to obtain samples of sinking product layers (DNAPL). There is negligible disturbance, as can be caused by pumping and purging. Mixing of water from different levels in the well is minimized. Purging and disposal of purged water can be avoided. Sampling directly from a specific depth results in the collection of the most recent water that has flowed into the well at that depth. The Model 425-T Discrete Interval Sampler offers a zero-headspace sampler that can be transported directly to the laboratory in down-hole condition. Solinst also has a stainless steel Point-Source Bailer with a second check valve at the top of the bailer, to prevent water entering the sampler on the way out of the wel

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