Disposable Capsule Filters

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Disposable Capsule Filters

Disposable Capsule Filters Geotech dispos-a-filterTM Filter Capsules The Geotech dispos-a-filterTM is a disposable filter capsule designed to perform in-line water filtration in the field. Our filters have a narrow pore distribution and high void volume which allow excellent liquid flow rates at low differential pressures. The dispos-afilterTM readily fits on 1/4? to 1/2? sized sample tubing with a specially designed sample tubing adapter. ? Ideal for field or laboratory use ? No pre-rinsing, cleaning, or assembly required ? High flow rates - helps minimize your sampling time ? Certified analysis for 68 metals and 7 anions in ppb range ? ISO 9000 lot tested and traceable ? Eliminates filtering cross contamination ? Use with our geopumpTM peristaltic pump, hand pump, or pressurized bailers ? Ask for the dispos-a-filterTM universal sample tubing adapter

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