Disposable Capsule Filters

Disposable Capsule Filters

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Soil Sampling Kits AMS Environmental Sampling Kit The Environmental Kit contains stainless steel tools for the collection of samples in retaining cylinders. These soil sampling kits were designed for use in field situations where soil contaminants are at low levels or the protocol requires that the samplers be decontaminated in an acid bath. • Can access the sampling point at depths of 12 ft with the supplied extensions • Made of all stainless steel construction with bits heat treated before sharpening • May be used with or without a retaining cylinder • Manufactured from all USA made materials • Two sizes and types of kits are available: Either 3 1/4 inch augers with 2 inch split core sampler or 2 1/4 inch augers with 1 3/8 inch split core samplers • Patent Pending USA and foreign

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