Bladder Pumps Groundwater Sampling

Bladder Pumps  Groundwater Sampling

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Bladder Pumps, Groundwater Sampling Geotech Bladder Pump Together with the United States Geological Survey, Geotech designed the original bladder pump and further developed what is known today as the Geotech family of Bladder Pumps. Our design will purge and sample water in wells as small as .75” in diameter, allowing the user to obtain representative samples with minimal agitation. FEATURES • True low flow capability for more representative samples • Proprietary long life PTFE bladder • Constructed of electropolished 316 SS • Dedicated or portable turnkey systems • Pumps designed for wells .75” and larger • Optional screened intake extends bladder life • Optional Drop Tube Assembly available for sampling from greater depths • PVC models available • Limited lifetime warranty (on dedicated SS systems)

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