Bladder Pump Controller

Bladder Pump Controller

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Bladder Pump Controller Marschalk 59000 and 59500 Pump Controllers The Marschalk 59000 and 59500 controllers are the latest addition to the Geotech line of innovative sampling products. Designed specifically for pneumatically operated pumps, both controllers offer features necessary for success in the field, and a low submergence option is available for the 59000. FEATURES • Low flow sampling for all bladder pumps. Consistent, uniform flow rates to <25 mis/min. • Develop, purge, and sample a well without modifying or removing the pump. • Pump low yield wells to within 2-3 inches of the bottom. • Automatic operation – solid state timers provide an unmatched degree of precision and accuracy for setting and maintaining set cycle times, whether in seconds, minutes, or hours. • Model 59500 Standard Submergence, 2 Cycle version, also available. • Highest quality components – extensively field tested for over 20 years in hundreds of applications worldwide. • Weatherized construction, with O-ring seal for protection in adverse environments. • All connections for air lines and power are located on the outside of the enclosure to enable operation with the cover closed.

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