Water Quality

Water Quality

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Water Quality Meters Oakton Waterproof pH, Conductivity, DO, Temperature & Multi-Parameter Field Meters Oakton waterproof series Field Meters are easy to use microprocessor-based handheld meters to measure various parameters in the lab, plant or field. All meters have an IP67 waterproof rating. pH/CON 300 pH/Conductivity/TDS/ºC Meter: Dual display of pH, Conductivity, or TDS plus temperature (ºC or ºF). Separate pH and conductivity/TDS electrodes. Recall previous calibrations, pH slope/offset, and conductivity/TDS cell constants. Auto buffer recognition allows 5-point calibration for pH, conductivity, and TDS. Auto-ranging display for conductivity/TDS. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). Features Auto-off, Hold, and "Ready" indicator.

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