Water Quality Meters

Water Quality Meters

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Water Quality Meters WTW Multi 1970i Water Quality Meter With its unmistakable WTW design, extreme ruggedness and field durability, the new Multi 1970i incorporates greatly enhanced specifications, calibration capabilities, features, and functions. Measure pH (or ORP), Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, and Temperature.Take measurements with cable lengths to 330 feet and experience the reliability of the WTW industry including a 3-year meter warranty. FEATURES • The new Multi 1970i is waterproof (IP66), submersible (IP67), and floats • Extremely user friendly, it provides a high degree of operator convenience • The Multi 1970i includes GLP-conforming memory (500 data sets) with real-time clock, RS 232 interface and recorder output • This rugged meter simultaneously measures pH (or ORP), Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, and Temperature with standard Electrodes (to 66 feet) • Individual depth armatures are also available for simultaneous measurements of DO, Conductivity, and Temperature from 80 to 330 feet. • The meter’s carrying handle doubles as a stand/support, which can easily be detached when using the neck strap • Single parameter versions available

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