Water Quality Meters

Water Quality Meters

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Water Quality Meters YSI 550A Dissolved Oxygen Instrument The YSI 550A DO instrument features a waterproof (IP-67), impact-resistant case and innovative fieldreplaceable DO electrode modules. Measure dissolved oxygen and temperature simultaneously using YSI’s proven polargraphic technology for oxygen and YSI’s Temperature Precision™ thermistors, the planetwide standard for accuracy. The new PE membranes provide faster response times with less stirring dependence - saving you time with every reading! FEATURES • Faster response time! • Waterproof! Meets IP-67 specifications • Field-replaceable DO electrode modules • Screw on cap membranes • New PE membranes lessen stirring dependence! • Over 2000 hours of battery life • Calibrate in either mg/L or % saturation • User-selectable temperature units (°C or °F) • 12, 25, 50, and 100 foot cable lengths • Manual salinity input from 0 to 70 PPT • Three year instrument warranty, one-year on the DO module

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