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Water Quality Meters YSI EcoSense pH10 pH/Temp and ORP15 ORP/Temp Instruments The YSI EcoSense pH10 and ORP15 are designed for quick, accurate results in an economical platform. The ability to measure pH, ORP and temperature in a simple, compact instrument allows for the most convenient sampling method available. With one-year instrument and six-month electrode warranties, the YSI EcoSense pH10 and ORP15 will fit your needs for easy-to-use pH and ORP instruments. FEATURES • IP-67 waterproof housing • Automatic calibration and buffer recognition • Automatic temperature compensation • Replaceable single-junction electrodes • 50-set memory (pH or ORP, temp, date and time stamp) • GLP functionality (saves and displays last calibration data) • 1, 2, or 3-point calibration (pH10) • Absolute and relative mV readings (ORP15) • “Hold” feature locks readings on display • Graphic display with on-screen instructions
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