Water Quality Meters

Water Quality Meters

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Water Quality Meters YSI pH/Temperature, and pH/Conductivity/Salinity/Temperature Field Meters The YSI 60 measures pH & temperature, the YSI 63 measures pH/conductivity/salinity & temperature simultaneously with a single probe. These rugged, handheld instruments arrive factory calibrated, are waterproof and will float if dropped in water. • Light weight, rugged probe & cable design • Waterproof case to IP65 standards • Easy to read, bright backlit display • 10’, 50’, or 100’ cable lengths available • Convenient built-in probe storage chamber YSI 60 pH/Temperature Meter This hand-held, waterproof meter uses the pH electrode/bulkhead probe assembly with built-in temperature compensation for simultaneous display of pH and temperature. Other features include a non-volatile memory capable of storing up to 50 measurements, one, two or three point calibration, low battery warning, and automatic buffer recognition.

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