Diesel engine ElectropaK

Diesel engine   ElectropaK

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Diesel engine - ElectropaK 403C-15G Compact, Efficient power A class-leading engine package coupled with an innovative, newly designed cooling pack provides optimum power density, making installation and transportation easier and cheaper. This package has been specially designed to hit the key power nodes required by the power generation industry. Quiet, clean power The 403C-15G has an exceptionally low noise signature making it the ideal choice for power generation in any environment. A high compression ratio also ensures clean rapid starting in all conditions. Design features ensure maximum cleanliness in terms of emissions throughout the engines operating life. Reliable power Developed and tested using the latest engineering techniques this engine reliably provides power when you need it. Operating and maintenance costs are reduced through excellent fuel and oil economy whilst whole-life costs are enhanced by a 500 hour service interval and a 2 year warranty. Excellent service access further improves maintenance and support is provided by a worldwide network of 4000 distributors and dealers.

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