Pulse Tone Inline Hydraulic Shock Suppressor

Pulse Tone Inline Hydraulic Shock Suppressor

Producto n° 10778


Pulse-Tone Inline Hydraulic Shock Suppressor The Pulse-Tone Inline reduces pump pulsations and shock. When you stop pulsation and vibration, you stop the cause of component wear and leakage. A power unit with a Pulse-Tone Inline installed can operate at higher rpm with smaller, less expensive components . . . and less noise. FEATURES • Three Bladder Polymers for a Wide Range of Fluids and Temperatures • NPT, BSPP, SAE or Split Flange Connections • Mounting in Any Position • 3000 PSI Models for Water/Chemical Service

Cotice: Pulse Tone Inline Hydraulic Shock Suppressor

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