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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cilindres

Construction: Steel, Tie rod design; Repairable • Standards: NFPA Heavy Duty Hydraulic, ANSI/(NFPA)T3.6.7R2-1996 • Bore Size: 1 1/2" through 6" • Strokes: Available in any practical length • Piston Rod Diameter: 5/8" to 4" • Operating Medium: Hydraulic oil • Mounting Styles: 18 Standard • Nominal Pressure: 3000 psi (See catalog for details) • Standard Operating Temperature: -10°F to +165°F • Optional High Temperature Option -10°F to 250°F • Rod Ends: Three standard choices; specials to order • Cushions: Optional at either or both ends • SAE "O" ring ports are standard, others are available

Additional Information: --- Removable "Jewel" Rod Gland Assembly with TS-2000 rod seal --- Double Lip Wiperseal --- High Strength Tie Rods --- Adjustable Floating Cushions --- Heavy wall steel tubing cylinder body --- Chrome plated, medium carbon steel, induction case hardened piston rod --- Piston Rod Stud, high strength steel with rolled threads is furnished on smaller piston rods. --- One piece nodular iron piston --- Step cut piston rings are standard piston seals. Lip seals with backup washers are also available --- Hi Load piston is available with wear rings and bronze-filled PTFE seals --- SAE "O" ring ports are standard, others are available --- End of stroke sensors

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