ER Series   Electric Rodless Actuators

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ER Series Electric Rodless Actuators

ER Series - Electric Rodless Actuators The ER Series from Parker Hannifin's Automation Actuator Division was designed to provide a solution to a variety of linear motion applications by offering a low cost, modular design electric rodless actuator. The load-bearing carriage is supported either by precision roller bearing wheels or an internally mounted square rail. Combined with a Parker Hannifin stepper or servo motor system, the ER Series offers full programmability and high resolution and repeatability. Features: ? Compact design envelope ? Multiple drive transmissions ? Multiple bearing styles ? High speed capabilities ? Multi-axis connectivity ? No need for external load guides ? Three profile sizes (32 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm) ? Belt-driven, Acme screw-driven or ball screw-driven ? Roller bearing carriage assembly ? Square rail bearing option for greater load carrying capability (screw drive only) ? Ready to mount to stepper motors, brushless servo motors, DC brush motors and reduction systems

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