Manapak CM Series Check Valves

Manapak CM Series Check Valves

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Manapak CM Series Check Valves General Description The Series CM Manapak check valves provide an integral, full flow check valve in the pressure 'P' port, 'A' port, 'B' port, or the tank 'T' port of the directional valve. Reverse flow is blocked. The CM2 and CM3 sizes offer a combination P&T check version. Features • Valve bodies are manufactured from steel which provides extra strength and durability for longer life. Internal hardened steel components also provide longer life. • Positive shut-off is provided by a fully guided poppet and allows full flow in the unchecked position. • Parker Manapak CM sandwich style check valves can be used either on the 'P', 'A', 'B', 'T' ports, or combinations. • Large internal flow paths allow high flow at low pressure drop.

Cotice: Manapak CM Series Check Valves

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