Manatrol Flow Control Valves

Manatrol Flow Control Valves

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Manatrol Flow Control Valves Series FS General Description These valves provide precise control of flow and shutoff in one direction, and automatically permit full flow in the opposite direction. A two-step needle allows fine adjustment at low flow by using the first three turns of the adjusting knob; the next three turns open the valve to full flow, and also provide standard throttling adjustments. The exclusive ?Colorflow? color-band reference scale on the valve stem is a great convenience and time-saver in setting the valve originally and in returning it to any previous setting. Features • Maximum operating pressure: 3000 PSI Series PCMS General Description These valves can be adjusted for required flows after being installed. Features • The required minimum pressure differential between valve inlet and outlet ports is 100 psi (7Bar) for valve sizes 1/4" and 3/8, ? and 150 psi (11 Bar) for sizes 1/2? through 1.? They can be supplied with an optional reverse-flow check valve. • Maximum operating pressure: 3000 PSI (210 Bar). • Typical applictions: Meter-in/meter-out and bleedoff circuits. Series TPC General Description Series TPC valves are pressure compensated and are insensitive to variations in oil temperature. They can maintain selected flow to within ?5% of setting over a pressure range from 100 to 3000 psi (7 to 210 Bar). Features • Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI Series FG3PKC General Description These pressure and temperature compensated flow control valves regulate flow and may be used for applications requiring meter-in, meter-out, and bleed-off. Features • Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI

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