Manatrol Gage Isolator Valves

Manatrol Gage Isolator Valves

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Manatrol Gage Isolator Valves Series GTS General Description Series GTS Gauge Isolator Valves have a push-to-read knob that delivers instant pressure to the gauge, yet totally isolates the gauge from the fluid line until the knob is pressed. When the knob is released, a spring-loaded spool closes instantly and drains all fluid from the gauge back into the reservoir. A hardened steel spool custom-fitted to the all-steel valve body minimizes leakage and maintenance. Partial snubbing action in the valve protects the gauge from surge damage when the actuating knob is pushed. Suitable for line pressures up to 3000 PSI, max.

Cotice: Manatrol Gage Isolator Valves

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