Manatrol Pressure Relief Valves

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Manatrol Pressure Relief Valves

Manatrol Pressure Relief Valves Series RP General Description Pilot Operated Relief When system pressure reaches the selected adjustable setting on this Series RP Valve, the valve opens the system to tank. For venting flow at minimum pressure, the vent port of the main relief valve can be connected directly to the tank. Operating pressure, max: 3000 PSI Series RCP General Description Direct Operated Pressure Relief (Inline Mounted) These inline valves are used chiefly as remote control valves. They limit system pressure by opening to tank when pressure reaches the selected relief pressure. When used as remote control valves, Series RCP's are piped to the vent port of a pilot-operated relief valve, such as Parker Series RP and RM valves. Operating pressure, max: 3000 PSI Series RA General Description Series RA and RAS direct-operated pressure relief valves are often used for "pop-off" protection against overpressure on systems where normal overpressures are relieved by other relief valves, such as Parker Series RP and RM types. Operating Pressure, max: 3000 PSI

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