Proportional Valve Systems Series 10 12

Proportional Valve Systems   Series 10 12

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Proportional Valve Systems - Series 10/12 General Description Series 10/12, MCV-ISO-- (Independent Simultaneous Operation) valve systems are designed for use in applications requiring precise metering when 2 or more functions are operated simultaneously. MCV-ISO systems incorporate individual compensators for each function along with the inlet compensator. A built-in shuttle system directs the pressure signal from the highest pressure function to the inlet. Available in stack or manifold configurations. Features • Integrated System - Controls pressure and flow in a single package • Flexibility - Compatible with all pump types • Modular construction - Simplifies field service and/or addition of functions • Pilot Actuation Options - Manual, Electric or Hydraulic • Control - Precise metering from minimum to full speed • Reliability - 100% tested, not sensitive to contamination or viscosity changes

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