Proportional Valve Systems   Series 6

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Proportional Valve Systems Series 6

Proportional Valve Systems - Series 6 General Description Series 6 MMV (Mobile Motion Control Valve) systems are ideal for applications that require precise control of load, speed and direction. They provide precise and variable speed control without lurching during start-up. Series 6 valves provide precise and predictable metering throughout the flow range, thus providing smooth acceleration and deceleration. Features ? Low cost ? Pressure compensation - Per spool ? Precise Metering - Independent port flow adjustments from 2-30 LPM (0.5 to 8 GPM) ? Compact and Lightweight - Saves space ? System Integration - Adaptable to larger MMV proportional valves ? Direct Acting ? No Null Adjustment ? Manual Override Levers Optional ? Low current demand ? Serviceable - Easy to assemble and disassemble ? Universal coil adaptation - Common coils with new Series 10, 12, & 16 pilot valves ? Low Hysteresis

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