Solenoid Valve Manifold and Subbase

Solenoid Valve Manifold and Subbase

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15mm Solenoid Valve Manifold and Subbase The compact aluminum manifold can be used to mount up to 20 15mm solenoid valves. Both normally open and normally closed valves can be mounted simultaneously. The aluminum subbase is for mounting of individual valves. These bases are intended for applications that require piloting of process control valves such as pharmaceutical, waste water treatment systems, food processing and chemical batching. Also, they can be used in applications such as industrial laundry, paint spray and dyeing, textile winding, vacuum and conveyor. FEATURES • Compact and Simple Design • Utilizes 15mm Solenoid Operators • Manifold Allows Mounting of Normally Open and Normally Closed Operators Simultaneously • Up to 20 Stations Available SPECIFICATIONS Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 145 PSIG (Vacuum to 10 bar) Operating Temperature: 5° to 140°F (-15° to 60°C) Materials: Aluminum Solenoids: • 15mm Low Watt Solenoids are UL Certified and Approved to be CE Marked • Wide Range of Voltages Available

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