Proportional Valves with Motion Profiling

Proportional Valves with Motion Profiling

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Proportional Valves with Motion Profiling

General Description The D**FL series proportional directional control valves are packaged with an integrated microprocessor based open-loop motion profiler. The valve directly accepts electrical on/off logic signals which trigger simple motion profiles controlling actuator speed, acceleration, and deceleration. D**FL valves are user configurable to operate in one of two control modes:'Slow Shift' or 'Motion Profiler'. Refer to application guidelines for details. Both DC and AC voltage logic interfaces are available providing a direct interface to PLC's, for a simple field upgrade from AC operated directional valves. Valves are available in sizes NG06 (CETOP 3), NG10 (CETOP 5), NG16 (CETOP 07) and NG25 (CETOP 08).

Features • Integrated microprocessor based valve electronics. • On-board open-loop motion control profiler. • Optically isolated 'on-off' inputs trigger motion profiles. • User selectable operation modes: Slow Shift or Profiler. • Test points indicating speed and ramp settings. • On-board microprocessor self diagnostics on start-up. • LED functional diagnostic indicators. • Spring centered spool. • Manual overrides.

Cotice: Proportional Valves with Motion Profiling

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