Proportional Pressure Relief Valves

Proportional Pressure Relief Valves

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Proportional Pressure Relief Valves Series RE06*T

General Description The RE06*T series proportional pressure relief valves are direct operated proportional solenoid valves with integral control electronics. The power supply voltage and the input command signals are connected via a single seven-pin electrical plug connector. Input command signals can be in the range 0 to 10V or 0 to 20mA, selected in the valve ordering code. Ramp times for increasing pressure and decreasing pressure can be independently set by two potentiometers. MIN and MAX potentiometers allow the setting of the minimum pressure value and the maximum pressure value. These can be adjusted to scale the pressure range to correspond to the full range of the command input signal. Control chokes are fitted in the pilot valve for the different pressure ranges.

Features • Standard DIN/ISO interfaces. • Integrated valve electronics. • Adjustable electronic ramp control.

Cotice: Proportional Pressure Relief Valves

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