High Pressure Control Valves

High Pressure Control Valves

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High Pressure Control Valves General Description Parker's Series "R" and "RS" valve limits system pressure by opening to tank when system pressure reaches the valve setting. Parker's Series "PR" pressure reducing valve regulates pressure in one or more areas of a hydraulic circuit independent of the main pressure valve. Parker's Series "S" sequence valve permits flow to a secondary circuit leg after a pilot pressure signal reaches the valve and is sustained in a primary circuit leg. Features • Accurate Performance - Pilot controlled. DIN cartridge design. • Rugged construction - Cast iron and hardened steel parts provide long trouble-free life. • Max. Operating Pressure: 5000 PSI (350 Bar) • Serviceability - Simple modular design facilitates easy maintenance. • Low Leakage - DIN cartridge design provides low leakage shutoff

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