Manapak PRDM Direct Op  Pressure Red  Valves

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Manapak PRDM Direct Op Pressure Red Valves

Manapak PRDM Direct Op. Pressure Red. Valves General Description Series PRDM are direct operated pressure reducing valves that are used to regulate pressure in one area of a hydraulic circuit at a predetermined level below normal system pressure. Additionally, an integral pressure relieving function for the secondary reduced pressure circuit is incorporated into the design. Features ? PRDM Manapak sandwich valves may be selected to reduce pressure in the 'P' port, 'A' port or 'B' port. ? The direct operated, cushioned piston design results in fast response, low leakage and minimal hysteresis. ? Up to four pressure adjustment ranges are available with maximum pressure settings of 25, 64, 160 and 210 Bar (363, 928, 2320, 3045 PSI). ? Options include: A choice of two adjustment styles, three seal materials and four gage port sizes.

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