Manapak PRDM Direct Op Pressure Red Valves

Manapak PRDM Direct Op  Pressure Red  Valves

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Manapak PRDM Direct Op. Pressure Red. Valves General Description Series PRDM are direct operated pressure reducing valves that are used to regulate pressure in one area of a hydraulic circuit at a predetermined level below normal system pressure. Additionally, an integral pressure relieving function for the secondary reduced pressure circuit is incorporated into the design. Features • PRDM Manapak sandwich valves may be selected to reduce pressure in the 'P' port, 'A' port or 'B' port. • The direct operated, cushioned piston design results in fast response, low leakage and minimal hysteresis. • Up to four pressure adjustment ranges are available with maximum pressure settings of 25, 64, 160 and 210 Bar (363, 928, 2320, 3045 PSI). • Options include: A choice of two adjustment styles, three seal materials and four gage port sizes.

Cotice: Manapak PRDM Direct Op Pressure Red Valves

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