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CLEANING SYSTEMS DILUITPRO DILUIZIONE ? DILUTION Diluition system for concentrated chemical products Diluit Pro is the new Injecta dispenser with some improvements which allow an easy and quick application or installation. Economic, reliable and flexible, is the ideal system for chemical mix using different containerS. A wide range of application are available: ? System capable to dilute up to 4 concentrated chemical products ? Flow rate of 4, 16 or 30 lt/min (1,4 or 7 GPM) ? Hydraulic connections with reverseflow protection to avoid possible water system contamination by chemical products ? Pratical handle connected to the medium or large container remote refilling hose ? Small bottle refilling hose ? It is possible to add supplementary units without removing the installed one ? Diluition can be started without cover allowing reaching concentration value of the chemical product just changing the TIPS supplied. Once the calibration procedure is finished, the cover can be replaced. Suggested accessories: ? Metal baskets for chemical containers ? Small basin drainage to avoid drippings


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