Water Treatment Instruments

Water Treatment Instruments

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WATER TREATMENT INSTRUMENTS NX 2000 PR Technologically advanced instruments which allow a simple and accurate measure of pH, redox (ORP) and conductivity parameters. The NX2000 CD instrument permits to select between two conductivity scales. • The digital display with high efficiency blue leds, with 2 lines of 8 digits per line, allows the contemporaneous visualization of two parameters: chemical measure and temperature. • The automatic pH and redox parameters calibration procedure is extremely simple, the instrument recognises the buffer solution and completes the calibration suspending the dosage (hold) and showing the electrode's efficiency in %. • The conductivity calibration is carried out through only one point because the zero is set electrically during the production. • The 0/4 - 20 mA output is freely settable on two points or for recording. • The current output galvanic separation permits the use, without any interference, of the instrument with a recorder or a data acquisition system. • The voltage input (10-30 Vdc) freezes all the functions through a remote control or a flow sensor. • IP65 protection degree

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