Water Treatment Instruments DI 601

Water Treatment Instruments DI 601

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WATER TREATMENT INSTRUMENTS MULTIPARAMETER • The DI 601 is a microprocessor instrument for Cl, Ph, Rx and temperature reading and controlling with high performances. • It’s a self calibrating instrument for pH ,Rx and Cl with a check on the electrodes quality. • It’s able to read and compensate the temperature (automatic with PT100). • Protection IP 65. • Set points and alarms programmable. • Galvanic separation of the 0/4÷20 mA exit (selectable). • 4-20 mA exits on the pH, Rx and Cl measures with selectable gap with the possibility to drive proportional pumps. • Free tension relais for activating pH and Chlorine pumps (5 A - 250 Vac). • Alarm relais (5 A - 250 Vac). • Hold function for the pumps during calibration.

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