Water Treatment Instruments Colorimeter System

Water Treatment Instruments Colorimeter System

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WATER TREATMENT INSTRUMENTS COLORIMETER SYSTEM • Digital multifunction industrial colorimeter with microprocessor. • Output relay as set points, alarm of maximum, alarm of minimum, PWM (proportional regulation of the time), PFM (proportional pulses regulation), self-cleaning. With or without timing. • It is possible to have low voltage (24 V.) then the pilotage of the little dosings or solenoid valves without the add of other transformers and with security power supply. • Galvanic separation between microprocessor/ inlets and current outlets. • OFF inlet to switch off the regulation relay and to stop the colorimeter cycle (in swimming-pool it has to be connected to filter pump switch). • Possible FLW input to control the water flow in the instrument. • "OK" output to remote control the instrument correct function. • Alarms and errors (diagnostic) directly monitorized on the display. Date/ hour always present, also without power supply, with the possibility to start / stop the colorimeter function in pre arranged hours (ex. Night). • Program / calibration saving on not volatile memory (data holding for 10 years). • RS232C serial out put for PC,PL connector available on CANNON 9 connect or terminal block. • 220/230 Vac - 50/60Hz ±10% power supply.

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