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Cotizar y Comprar Water Treatment Portable CPI 501   CP502 Cotizar y Comprar Water Treatment Portable CPI 501   CP502

Producto N° 11599
WATER TREATMENT PORTABLE CPI 501 - CPI 502 Laboratory pH/Ion meters • Laboratory meters in benchtop housing, powered with 9V power adapter. • Accurately measure: pH, Redox (mV) ion-selective measurements in pX, g/l, M/l, or ppm and temperature. • Enable ion concentration measurements of monovalent, bivalent, negative and positive ions. • May cooperate with all ion selective electrodes (ISE) chosen depending on the kind of measured ion equipped with BNC 50 connector. • Depending on the kind of used pH electrode may be used for clean water, sewage, soil measurements etc. • The CPI-502 meters have built in thermal printer. • Meter stores independently 3 characteristics of pH electrodes and 3 characteristics of ion selective electrodes. • Calibration of the electrode: 1 ÷ 5 points. • Automatic pH buffer detection, their value may be set by the user. • Automatic correction of the temperature influence on sample solution (NIST) value. • Automatic checking of the condition of electrode’s membrane. • In ion meter possibility of measurement in: pX, g/l, M/l or ppm units with automatic conversion when changing the units. • Possibility of introducing freely chosen values of ion sample solutions. • Automatic and manual temperature compensation. • Internal clock with date. • Internal datalogger for up to 200 sets of results (optionally up to 900) collected in series or single with temperature time and date. • The results and calibration data are stored in non-volatile memory. • RS-232 output for connecting with a PC and Centronics for standard printer. • 24 months warranty for the meter, 12 for the electrodes.
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