Water Treatment Portable CP 4 11

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Water Treatment Portable CP 4 11

WATER TREATMENT PORTABLE CP 4 11 pH/temperature ? Is used for pH and temperature measurements ? Depending on the kind of connected electrode it may be used for measurements of clean water, sewage or soil etc. ? Two kinds of power source, battery or power adapter, enable working in the field or laboratory. ? Calibration: 1 - 3 points. ? Automatic buffer detection (4.00; 7.00; 10.00 pH). ? Automatic Temperature Compensation. ? Separate temperature sensor enables temperature measurements in range - 20 ÷ 199,9 °C. ? ??HOLD? function - freezes the result on the display. ? Easy operating. ? Long-lasting work on 1 battery. ? Automatic switch off function to safe the battery. ? Waterproof housing enables work in difficult conditions. ? Small size and weight make working in the field easier. ? 24 months warranty for the meter and 12 for the electrodes.

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