Commercial Hot Water Boilers NA R Series

Commercial Hot Water Boilers NA R Series

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Commercial Hot Water Boilers NA R Series Advanced Technology, Small Size, High Efficiency Combination of high technology and superior workmanship. Long life, compact design, high capacity to size ratio Suitable for use of Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil and Heavy Oil as fuel Special design to minimize the effects of sediments and scaling on waterside Well-distributed expansion pattern due to balanced heat absorption within the boiler Also transportable in modular configuration for site assembly, for boiler rooms with narrow passages. Basic Principles of Reversed Flame Technology Burner flame is reversed in the same chamber due to counter pressurized combustion. Returning hot gases are forced to meet with the burner flame once again to ensure full combustion and cleaner flue gases. The intensive heat generated by the reversing flame is effectively transferred to water mainly by means of radiation heat transfer. A full transfer of heat is achieved during the consecutive passages of boiler with a combination of radiation and convection heat transfer. Gas turbulators increase the velocity of combustion gases in flame tubes to keep the convection heat transfer in tube surfaces at the maximum level.

Cotice: Commercial Hot Water Boilers NA R Series

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