Superheated Hot Water Boiler HWR Series

Superheated Hot Water Boiler HWR Series

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Superheated Hot Water Boiler HWR Series High Efficient, Compact Superheated Water Boiler Computer aided design in compliance with Latest European Norms. High Pressure Operation Perfect combustion of fuel particles and gasses by reverse flame combustion principle. High efficiency and low flue gas emissions by means of especially designed turbulators. Production by CNC Plasma cutting machine and submerged ARC Welding technique. Easy operation and maintenance Small dimensions, high performance Oil and gas fired burner selection facility Integrated electric control panel Chimney (optional) Other applications such as expansion tank, feed water tank, oil storage tank, water softener, PLC Scada Systems. Working Principle Reversed flame combustion principle is applied in this type of boilers in order to produce superheated water without boiling and evaporating of water under high pressure. Perfect combustion of fuel participles, which could not burn completely in first pass, is achieved by reversing them onto flame, hence secondary combustion mechanism applied. Perfect combustion provides advantage of high efficiency and low stock emissions. Flue gas turbulators inside the tube, helps to achieve this feature. Boiler accessories provide safe operation at high pressure. High pressure switch, low pressure switch, and differential pressure switches are indispensable features of safe operation.

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