Automatic pH regulation AUTOPH

Automatic pH regulation AUTOPH

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Automatic pH regulation AUTOPH

Treatment to regulate pH High-performance and progressive technology A guarantee of tranquillity

pH is an essential element for water to be well balanced; it really does need to be regulated. The pH of water continually varies and influences the main characteristics of your water: -disinfectant efficiency (e.g.: at pH 8, disinfectant efficiency is only 25%) -comfort while swimming (eye irritation, dry skin, taste and smell of chlorine…) -water quality (corrosive or scaled/ clear or cloudy) AUTOPH® automatically regulates the pH of the water in your pool with a probe which constantly analyses it and injects a corrective liquid to maintain an ideal pH value (7 to 7.2). AUTOPH® the most user-friendly, efficient and reliable pH regulator currently on the market. AUTOPH® insures both optimum disinfection, comfort and an unrivalled pleasurable swim.

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