Regulates chlorine and pH DOSIPOOL

Regulates chlorine and pH DOSIPOOL

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Regulates chlorine and pH DOSIPOOL Treatment by injection of a dose of disinfectant and pH regulation High-performance and progressive technology A guarantee of tranquillity DOSIPOOL® chlorine probe ensures automatic chlorine and pH regulation. With its revolutionary technology, our chlorine probe directly measures free chlorine in your pool. All you need to do is set the level of free chlorine that you want and DOSIPOOL®, chlorine probe regulates the level of chlorine by automatically injecting liquid chlorine. At the same time, it automatically regulates pH in your pool using a probe which constantly analyses it and injects a corrective liquid to maintain an ideal pH (7 to 7.2). The combination of chlorine and pH monitoring means that DOSIPOOL® chlorine probe is a 100% automatic machine and will insure optimal disinfection and an unrivalled comfortable swim.

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