Automatic measurement JUSTDOSING

Automatic measurement JUSTDOSING

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Automatic measurement JUSTDOSING

Treatment by injecting a dose of disinfectant User-friendly and effective The best value for money

JUSTDOSING® monitors the 2 essentials of water treatment:disinfection by injecting a regular amount and automatic pH regulation. All you need to do is set the amount of disinfectant to inject per hour, the daily dose of algaecide (model 3 pumps) and JUSTDOSING® regularly diffuses the quantity of disinfectant needed all day long. Any increase in the filtration time caused by a rise in the water temperature will lead to an increase in the number of doses injected by the machine, you don’t need to do anything. At the same time, JUSTDOSING® automatically regulates the pH of the water in your pool with a probe which constantly analyses and injects corrective liquid to keep the pH at an ideal level (7 to 7.2). Easy to install and use, JUSTDOSING® insures effective disinfection and a comfortable swim.

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