Automatic pH regulation JUSTpH

Automatic pH regulation JUSTpH

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Automatic pH regulation JUSTpH

Treatment to regulate pH User-friendly and effective The best value for money

pH is an essential element for water to be well balanced, it really does need to be regulated. The pH of water varies continually and influences the main characteristics of your water: -disinfectant efficiency (e.g.: at pH 8, disinfectant efficiency is only 25%) -comfort while swimming (eye irritation, dry skin, taste and smell of chlorine…) -water quality (corrosive or scaled/ clear or cloudy) JUSTpH® automatically regulates the pH of the water in your pool with a probe which constantly analyses it and injects a corrective liquid to maintain an ideal pH value (7 to 7.2). Easy to install and use, JUSTpH® ensures a stable pH level and a comfortable swim.

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