Salt pH combination JUSTSALT DUO

Salt   pH combination JUSTSALT DUO

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Salt / pH combination JUSTSALT DUO Treatment by salt electrolysis and pH regulation User-friendly and effective The best value for money JUSTSALT®Duo monitors the 2 essentials for water disinfection: production of disinfectant and automatic pH regulation. Add 5kg/m³ of food grade salt to your pool (sea water contains 35 kg/m³) and JUSTSALT®Duo produces a powerful and effective disinfectant by electrolysing the salt water. At the same time JUSTSALT®Duo automatically regulates the pH of the water in your pool using a probe which permanently analyses and injects corrective liquid to keep pH at an ideal value (7 to 7.2). Easy to install and use, JUSTSALT®Duo ensures effective disinfection and comfort when swimming.

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