Ultrasorb System 1300 gallons

Ultrasorb System 1300 gallons

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Ultrasorb System 1300 gallons capacity

The 1300-gallon capacity ultrasorb system is designed specifically for the waste management industry. This system is designed for the high biological aspects associated with waste management of waste. Ultrasorb The system is equipped with an automatic backflush system for the media and polishing filters to reduce maintenance. The system is also equipped with advanced CO3P the catalytic oxidation of organic matter in the system. The CCC-400 Cone Tank aid in removing solids and heavy oils, while the Series I Aerobic Digester Biosorb reduces high BOD loading and helps water clarity.

System Specs Ultrasorb

Process Flow: 10 g.p.m.
System capacity: 1,300 gallons
Electrical: 220 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 A, 1 phase
Final Filtration Type: Polishing Filters (3)
Oxidation System: CO3P XL-oxidation catalyst
Pump process: 1 1 / 2 H.P. centrifugal
Fuel pump: 1 / 6 H.P. Centrifugal (2)

Cotice: Ultrasorb System 1300 gallons

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