Industrial Filters Multi Media Filter

Industrial Filters Multi Media Filter

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Multi-Media Filter

The filter media is a penetration depth filter designed for many versatile applications, such as pre-filtering, after filtering and filter continuously polish. The filter is available in two sizes and comes with silica sand and carbon media which makes it ideal for use as organic and particulate filter, or custom designed for removal of contaminants such as heavy metals or hydrocarbons. RGF Call for details.

Multi-Media Filter Specifications

Tank Construction: Fiberglass Valve
Construction: High density plastic
Backflush: Manual / Auto backflush
Filter Free Board (PF-089): 9.25pulg
Filter Free Board (PF-090): 11.25pulg
Composition of media (FL-078): 35 lbs. Anthracite, 100 lbs. no. 20 quartz sand, 100 lbs. pea gravel
Composition of media (FL-108): 70 lbs. Anthracite, 150 lbs. no. 20 quartz sand, 150 lbs. pea gravel
Area filter (PF-089): 2.3 square feet
Area filter (PF-090): 4.9 square feet
Media filter (PF-089): 235 lbs. (FL-078)
Media filter (PF-090): 370 lbs. (FL-108)
Flow (maximum pressure) PF-089: 50 g.p.m. (50 psi)
Flow (maximum pressure) PF-090: 100 g.p.m. (75 psi)

Cotice: Industrial Filters Multi Media Filter

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