Marine Systems Bilge Filter

Marine Systems Bilge Filter

Producto n° 12572



Filter system bilge Marino

The filter system is designed to drain Marino filter oily wastewater for many applications, including the bilge pump Marine and mobile washing operations. After separation, the free oils are discharged to a tank for easy disposal.

System Specifications Filter bilge Marino

Filtration Capacity: <15 p.p.m. free oil Max.
Pressure: 5 psi
Material: Polyethylene / PVC / Stainless Steel
Filter Type: Replaceable 3-HCA Absorber Filter (Item # FL-004M) Max.
Delivery: 5 g.p.m.
Electrical (MAR-007M): 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 amps
Electrical (MAR-010M): independent of the system 12 VDC

Cotice: Marine Systems Bilge Filter

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