Marine Systems Bilge Filter

Marine Systems Bilge Filter

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Marine Bilge Filter

The filter is a marine bilge oil / water separator is an advanced, fully automatic bilge water filtration to commercial ships. The drainage filter system is designed to prevent marine oil / water discharge to the sea, removing oil from bilge water to less than 15 ppm free oil. An oil collecting tank option is available on a ship if the oil storage tank (sedimentation tank) is not available.

Specifying the filter bilge marine

Filtration Capacity: <15 p.p.m.
free oil Material: stainless steel Polyethylene/PVC/316
Filter types: Permanent Micro Matrix Coalescor (Item FL-003M) HCA-3 replaceable absorbent filter (FL-item 002M)
Daily Capacity: 1100 g.p.d.
Electrical (003M): 120 VAC, 1.0 amps

Cotice: Marine Systems Bilge Filter

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