Biological Systems Lift Station Bio Ox

Biological Systems Lift Station Bio Ox

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Biological Systems Lift Station Bio-Ox

This unit pumps advanced oxidation gases and automatically feeds bacteria into the existing lift station water. A separate photohydroionizationTM cell provides ongoing odor and airborne bacteria control in the room. Lift station grease is physically, chemically and biologically broken down and freely washes away as liquid and gas. Lift station room odors and airborne bacteria are controlled.


Rating: 750 gallon lift station Fresh Water Supply: 1/4" 0.16 gpm Fresh Water Treatment: Carbon Electrical: 120 V, 20 amps Electrical (Optional): 240 V, 10 amps Advanced Oxidation: Photohydroionization Bacterial Feed: Slow release Bio Tablets Oxidation Purge: RGF Oxy Tablets Odor Control: Turbozone

Cotice: Biological Systems Lift Station Bio Ox

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