Ozone Air Treatment Systems Turbozone Model

Ozone Air Treatment Systems Turbozone Model

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Air Treatment Ozone Turbozone

The UV generator is intended for the fire, smoke, flood and catering industry, where time is money and high levels of ozone are needed to neutralize odors. The unit is mounted on a collapsible cart system portability and comes with a digital timer, operation, warning light, high velocity fan with air filter, ozone and UV lamps. This is not a product for servicing.

Specifications of air treatment systems for ozone Turbozone

Weight: 400 lbs
Electrical: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 30.0 amps
Ozone production: 185 nm UV light of high-power generator
Warranty: 5 years / 5000 hours - out of Ozone. 1 years parts and labor.

Cotice: Ozone Air Treatment Systems Turbozone Model

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