Nanometer Polymaide Intelligent

Nanometer Polymaide Intelligent

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Nanometer Polymaide Intelligent

Nanometer Polyamide Intelligent Water Meter With IC Card

APPLICATION This range of water meter is used by water suppliers to supply the water after payment by those who drink water through the pipeline of tap water. It has drastically changed the computed mode of traditional according to the meter reading.

SPECIFIC CHARACTER Water is only supplied after payment, otherwise the water supply may be cut off. Each water meter with a card is in possession of perfect encryption system. It has stable capability and is convention to be fitted up£¬so it is in wide use. With low power consumption and long life time. The accuracy of measuring measures up to with ISO4064 standard.

WOEKING CONDITION Running Voltage: DC3.6V Working current: Max 8uA (quiescent current) Max 80mA (working current) Life Time of Batteries: Min six year Working water temperature: 0-40 Relative Temperature: Max 85% Loss of Pressure: Max 0.1Mpa

Cotice: Nanometer Polymaide Intelligent

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