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SUMERSIBLE MOTORS OP3 Thanks to its range of 3" submersible motors denominated OP3, Sumoto is now able to offer a valid instrument for the solution of problems due to well dimensions. The OP3-type is the outcome of a consistent design effort arisen from the need to solve all the problems due to reduced space. The motor still preserves the splined-shaft coupling system typical of the NEMA regulations. The electromechanical specifications are undoubtedelly interesting and complying with all application requirements. Each motor is suplied with 1.8 mt-long sealed cable direcly connected with the winding. FEATURES -Atoxic dielectric liquid cooling. -F class insulation. -IP 58 protection. -Splined shaft extension for easy coupling. -AISI 303 stainless steel end shaft. -High-resistance nickel plated cast iron brackets. -Compensation diaphragm and sand-seal with suitable dimensions. -Easy to disassemble and to re-wind. -Axial load to be carried: 1200N. AVAILABLE MODELS -Single-phase: from 0,37kW up to 0,75kW 220-230V 50Hz -Three-phase: from 0,37kW up to 1,1kW 220-380-400V 50Hz -Single-phase: from 0,37kW up to 0,75kW 220-230V 60Hz -Three-phase: from 0,37kW up to 1,1kW 380-400V 60Hz-


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