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SUMERSIBLE MOTORS OP4 The OP4 Series is the evolution of the 4" Submersible Rewindable Motor. Elevated starting torque, mechanical compactness,reliability,superior perfomance togheter with the most complete range of products are the principal features making the OP4 Motors. The special design allow an easy access and replacement of all parts subject to the wear marking simply and quick the eventual servicing of the motor. FEATURES - Motor casing, shaft and bottom end made in Stainless Steel AISI 304. - High resistance cast iron nickel plated Upper Bracket. - Options: Upper bracket of stamped Brass OT 58 Upper bracket of casting AISI 304 - Axial and radial thrust ball bearing. - Standard mechanical Seal graphite\ceramic. - Optionable seal type SIC - Special Cooling fluid for a better lubricant effect to increase life of moving parts. The liquid with its high thermal capacity gives the motor superior overload capabilities. - Oversize Compensation diaphragm and sand slinger protection. - Insulation class F. Protection IP 58. - Removable cable connector. - Nema standard coupling dimensions. OPERATING LIMITS - Maximum voltage fluctuaction admissible versus nominal rated voltage: +6% -10%. - Maximum water temperature: 35°C with at least 0.08 mt/sec of water flow speed - Maximum motor starting per hour: 30 - Axial thrust: 1500N from 0,37kW up to 2,2kW 2500N from 2,2kW up to 5,5kW 4400N from 2,2kW up to 7,5kW 5000N from 2,2kW up to 5,5kW - Maximum immersion depth: 150 MT - Horizontal operating position: admitted up to 2,2kW VERSION Single phase: from 0,37kW up to 3,7kW 220-230V 50Hz from 0,37kW up to 3,7kW 240V 50Hz Three phase: from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 220V 50Hz from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 380-400V 50Hz from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 415V 50Hz Single Phase: from 0,37kW up to 1,1kW 115V 60Hz from 0,37kW up to 3,7kW 220-230V 60Hz Three phase: from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 220V 60Hz from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 380V 60Hz from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 460V 60Hz


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