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SUMERSIBLE MOTORS 4WP By using the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies SUMOTO has introduced the 4WP series for deep well pumps. These canned type motors have all the necessary features to assure reliability, durability and efficient operation. APPLICATIONS Built for coupling with submersible multistage high and low load thrust 4" pumps for clean water deep well. FEATURES -Filling liquid Water with food grade compound for cooling and lubricating rotor, radial and thrust load bearing. -Nema coupling -Shaft sealing system Includes a labyrinth seal with a sand slinger for an effective sand protection. A lip seal prevent inside coolant fluid exit. -Electric cable Removable four wires polychloroprene flat cable with watertight connector with integral earthing system. -Stator room is resin filled. Under vacum resin filling method gives maximum heat exchange rate and superior dieletric insulation characteristic. -For a better corrosion resistance motor frame and motor base end cover are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel. Shaft end is made out of AISI303 ss. Upper side bracket is made out of cast iron. Bracket's cover made out of AISI 304 -Bearing system Unique design hydrodynamic thrust bearing fulfils ideal non contacting operation, providing less wear and assuring long bearing lifetime. Low thrust 1500/3000N class, Kingsbury type with spherical shaped sliding pads. High thrust 6500N class, one simple piece flat surface pad with flexible function(patent pending). The combination of high-tech material on radial bearing ensures durable operation under tough application. Low thrust 1500/3000N class, carbon-graphite radial bearing, mating AISI 303 ss burnished shaft portion. High thrust 6500N class, ceramic radial bearing, mating tungsten carbide shaft sleeve. -Pressure equalising is made by an optimised design of a rubber diaphragm that ensure proper heat liquid expansion, balancing inside/outside pressure. OPERATING LIMITS Maximum allowable rating voltage fluctuation ±6%. Maximum deep head - 150 mt. Maximum motor starting per hour 30. Liquid for use - clean water (Ph 6.5 to 8) Water well temperture range - 0 to 30°C with minimum flow rate speed of 0.08 m/s. Axial thrust: 1500N from 0,37kW up to 0,75kW 3000N from 0,75kW up to 2,2kW 6500N from 3kW up to 5,5kW AVAILABLE MODELS Single-phase: From 0.37kW up to 3.7kW 220-240V 50/60Hz Three-phase: From 0.37kW up to 5,5kW 220-380-400-415V 50Hz and 220-380-460V 60Hz. -Special voltage available on request. -PSC,CSCR,CSIR control box, available on request.


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