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SUMERSIBLE MOTORS OY6 The new series of 6" submersible motors OY6, have been designed and manufactured according to the same level of QUALITY and RELIABILITY already reached on 4" submersible motors series OP4 and INT4. Following the SUMOTO tradition, that makes concept of simplicity its best characteristic, the OY6 series is the fruit of our advanced research and development that guarantee the best performances and highest reliability, in accordance with heavy duty performance needs. FEATURES -Submersible 6" motors cooled with dielectric non toxic coolant. -Class F insulation and IP 58 protection. -Motor shaft extension and coupling according to Nema standard. -Base and frame made out of stainless steel. -Upper body made of high resistance cast iron nickel plated. Available also in bronze and AISI 304 stainless steel. -Shaft made in stainless steel and balanced. -Optimised design of pressure equalising rubber diaphragm and sand prevention with sand slinger. -Removable electric cable with watertight connector. -Easily disassembly and re-windability. -Suitable for 10000 N and 20000 N axial thrust. AVAILABLE MODELS -Three-phase: da 4 kW a 30kW 380-415V 50Hz da 4 kW a 30kW 380V 60Hz da 4 kW a 30kW 220-230V 60Hz da 4 kW a 30kW 460V 60Hz


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